Your Garden City dental team of Dr. Dominique Lizzio, Dr. John Cerrato, and Dr. George Sheehan, have already been asked by patients about the accuracy of claims made by makers of fluoride-free toothpaste products. While it may be true that those pastes claim to offer a more natural formula, they also exclude one of the most important benefits gained by brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, which is the protection of your tooth enamel.

How does fluoride protect tooth enamel?

Garden City, NY dentists know that fluoride is an important ingredient for keeping your tooth enamel strong, and able to resist the negative effects of bacteria in the mouth which contribute to tooth decay. By restoring lost minerals to enamel surfaces, the enamel is made harder and stronger, and thus more capable of fighting off the attacks made by ingredients like sugars and acids found in many of the foods and beverages we all consume on a daily basis.

We at Garden City dental group realize that fluoridated toothpaste, while excellent for most, may not work for people with special circumstances like fluoride allergies and high natural fluoride content in their diets. If you have any questions about if fluoridated toothpaste is right for you, we encourage you to give your Garden City dentists a call for an appointment or consultation today.

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