A beautiful bright smile makes us appear more youthful and happy. However, if your smile has started to lose its sparkle, you may find yourself smiling less or hiding your teeth. Fortunately, your best smile can be regained through professional tooth whitening. This procedure has the ability to fade stains and restore the sparkle to your pearly whites.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Dr. Dominique Lizzio, Dr. John Cerrato, and Dr. George Sheehan of Garden City Dental have the ability to safely and effectively help patients regain the smile they lost through professional tooth whitening. Our method allows patients to whiten their teeth at home with a customized kit or at a dental practice in about an hour. Both methods are safe and effective; however, a visit to the practice will produce impressive results much faster. For a more economical option, our prescription grade at-home treatments offer similar results after just a few treatments.

Over the Counter Methods

OTC methods promise results, but use weaker whitening gel and generic tooth molds. The opportunities for gum irritation are increased with these methods, and they produce less impressive results than a professional tooth whitening treatment does. A professional tooth whitening treatment is affordable and requires minimal time if performed at our Garden City practice.

Say hello to a brighter smile with professional tooth whitening! It’s possible to safely and effectively regain the smile you’re looking for. Call today to schedule an appointment with our Garden City team!

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