There’s nothing wrong with manual toothbrushes. Generations of experience have proven them to be an effective part of good dental care.

However, if you have arthritis or other hand and arm problems that make manual tooth brushing difficult, you don’t have to risk your dental health. Electric toothbrushes move the bristles for you. They also are good at cleaning, and may even be superior at removing plaque and promoting gum health.

Look for a model that is easy for you to grip and turn on and off. Ask your dentist whether you would do better with a rotating-oscillating head or an ultrasonic model. Some models have adjustable power levels, rechargeable batteries, and timers. Frayed toothbrushes are ineffective. The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you how often to change the bristle head.

No matter which sort of toothbrush you prefer, the most important part of at-home dental care is daily brushing and flossing.

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