Are you one of those people who would rather do just about anything than go to the dentist? Here are five good reasons not to put off that appointment.

1. Regular checkups catch problems when they’re small and easy to treat. Restoring a neglected mouth may mean enduring painful procedures that are also hard on your wallet.

2. If you ignore your teeth, they’re likely to go away. Gaps in your smile not only make you look old and ugly, they make eating and chewing difficult.

3. Reddened gums are painful, unsightly, and give you bad breath. Dental cleaning includes caring for your gums so they stay healthy.

4. Inflamed teeth and gums have been linked to other inflammatory diseases, including heart disease, dementia, diabetes, lung problems, and even some cancers.

5. Teeth that are sensitive to touch, heat, or cold will only get worse. Don’t suffer with aching teeth.

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