Before you head to the dentist, remember our dentists are not just looking for cavities, but also checking for important signs to protect your overall health. Here are some things our Garden City dentists can detect that you might not have guessed:

  1. Irregular flossing, which can cause gum inflammation and redness
  2. Early signs of pregnancy, evident in your gums
  3. Habits such as nail biting or thumb sucking
  4. Early detection of common medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Diabetes, or Gerd
  5. Bulimia which causes wear on your front teeth and can contribute to increased cavities
  6. Sinus infections, which can often feel like a toothache
  7. Anemia, which increases your risk of periodontal diseases
  8. The first signs of oral cancer. We do a screening with every visit.
  9. Heavy alcohol use, as it increases your chances to develop cavities
  10. Heavy drinking of soda or energy drinks, which will soften your teeth over time, and can lead to chipping

Dr. Lizzio, Dr. Sheehan, and Dr. Cerrato from Garden City Dental have your overall health in mind when you come in for an exam.  Think of them as the oral health specialists on your team of doctors and health providers, who are all there to protect and care for your overall health.

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