Every expectant parent has their checklist to complete before baby’s arrival. Still, moms have to remember to take care of themselves.

Pregnancy increases the possibility of tooth decay. Expecting moms need to maintain a regular dental regimen. They should keep any scheduled appointments. If it’s time to make an appointment during the pregnancy, do so. Plan to see the dentist only during the second and early-third trimesters as any other time can impact the pregnancy. Women should continue regular teeth cleaning throughout the pregnancy. Use a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. Floss to remove food particles left in places your brush won’t reach.

While it’s understood moms-to-be are busy and doing whatever it takes to take care of themselves and their baby, it is imperative they not lose sight of good oral health. Take care of your mouth today to avoid future problems, giving you more time to spend with the little one tomorrow.

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