Sugar-free foods and drinks are often thought to be better than sugar-laden snacks and sodas. While it’s certainly true that there are less calories, when it comes to your dental health, sugar-free might be just as damaging to your tooth enamel. Being as aware of these hidden troublemakers, along with regular dental care from your Garden City, NY dentist, will help prevent cavities and tooth loss.

Why Avoid Sugar-Free Foods?

Many favorite sugar-free foods and drinks contain chemicals that wear down tooth enamel. These foods can be acidic, which weakens the minerals in the teeth. Your Garden City dental team can reverse mild damage to the teeth through regular cleanings and oral care. Good dental hygiene will also prevent cavities and tooth loss.

What to Eat

Eating a healthy diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains is better for your health. Make sure to brush after snacks, drink water, and floss daily. Take daily care of your teeth.

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