Teething is uncomfortable for some babies. If you worry whether what your baby is experiencing is normal or not, you’re not alone — many people have misconceptions about what symptoms the process can cause. Your Garden City dental team wants you to know what symptoms you can expect when your baby is teething and when you might want to have your doctor check on your baby.

Teething Is Natural

Normal symptoms include drooling, wanting to chew on things and mild fussiness. When a tooth comes in, it can cause mild pain for about three days before and after the tooth erupts. Although it’s difficult to watch your child be uncomfortable, it’ll eventually pass. A cold teething ring can help control symptoms.

What Isn’t Normal

Some children experience a runny nose and a fever over the course of new teeth come in. Your Garden City, NY dentist believes that excessive crying, fever, diaper rash and a runny nose are not normal symptoms of teething. There may be an indirect link, but you shouldn’t ignore these signs of an infection.

Dr. Dominique Lizzio, Dr. John Cerrato and Dr. George Sheehan recommend that you make an appointment for your child when the first baby teeth come in. Your dentist can help you make sure you understand how to take care of your child’s dental health and alleviate some of your concerns about your baby’s new teeth as they arrive.

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