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Brush Your Teeth … and Tongue!

Have you ever wondered exactly how you get bad breath? You might be surprised to learn that bad breath results from bacteria that forms in your mouth that actually has a few protective qualities. This bacteria has the ability to fight infections and other pathogens.... read more

The Rationale for Flossing Your Teeth

Reports by CNN indicate that a third of the American adult population are not flossing. It remains unknown why dental flossing hasn’t gained traction among Americans. Nevertheless, the Garden City Dental team agrees that a lack of adequate information on the benefit... read more

Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

If you think brushing your teeth is something that you can skip, or you think brushing just once a day is effective, failing to maintain your oral health can have more negative effects than you may think. There have been many links found between oral health and... read more

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