Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is a procedure that prevents premature tooth loss and the need for extractions or dental implants. It is cost effective, and it preserves the natural smile line.

Root Canals

When to opt for RCT

Patients who are experiencing prolonged pain, sensitivity to hot or cold and swelling around the affected tooth may well be candidates for RCT. If you have had trauma to your tooth or deep decay, and repeated dental procedures have been unsuccessful, RCT may be your best option. The procedure quickly relieves pain, reduces swelling, and eliminates infection.

After the Procedure

Following successful completion of your RCT, you will be scheduled for a follow up to begin your restoration, which may include, Crown or Bridge. The entire treatment plan is thoroughly presented and discussed with your during your initial visit. Should it be determined that RCT is not a good option, alternative treatment options will be presented. Endodontic treatment has proven to be 90 percent effective, which is why, notwithstanding its frequent reference by comedians, it enjoys a longstanding and positive reputation for the relief of discomfort while preserving all important natural tooth structure.

Ongoing Maintenance

We are proud of our commitment to educating and supporting our patients with their oral home care following all procedures, including RCT. A regular dental routine should be implemented and maintained, along with standard cleanings at least every six months. If complications or persistent sensitivity are experienced, alternative treatment will be shared with you to ensure such issues are promptly and completely addressed.

This valuable, time tested therapy benefits people of nearly every age. With RCT, teeth remain intact without the need for extraction or other, more invasive and lengthy procedures. Depending upon the case, RCT can be completed within one visit. With 14 million endodontic procedures performed each year, RCT has proven to be one of the most preferred techniques in tooth retention today.

Our goal is to help our patients keep their natural dentition for a lifetime, and RCT is but one of the ways in which we support that goal.

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