Clear Braces

Invisalign is an advanced and non-invasive method for enhancing a smile. This technique is used to rectify minor to moderate dental discrepancies such as diastemas (tooth spacing) or misaligned teeth. It does not require  metal braces, and results are realized in a relatively short time.

3-D computer imaging technology is implemented in the fabrication of the Invisalignaligners. In some cases, traditional study models may be used for future reference and proper monitoring of the patient’s progress.

Several sets of plastic aligners are manufactured and given to the patient approximately every two weeks. Each set slightly repositions the dentition into the desired location until the final result is achieved. The process is painless and allows the patient to eat, speak, brush and floss in a usual manner on a daily basis.

The average treatment time is estimated at between 9-15 months with 18-30 aligners used within that period. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the patient.

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