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Drinking Water and Oral Health

Most of us understand that water is vital to our existence. The human body is made of sixty percent water. It relies on this precious liquid to support important bodily functions, release unhealthy toxins, and keep muscles strong. However, it does a lot more than just support bodily functions. Water is also a vital liquid when it comes to maintaining and supporting oral health. Dr. Dominique Lizzio, Dr. John Cerrato, and Dr. George Sheehan of Garden City dentists take pride in teaching the benefits of water and the role it plays in oral health.

How are water and oral health connected?

How are the two connected? Water rinses food particles from the teeth, helps prevent dry mouth, and provides your teeth with beneficial nutrients. Drinking water helps prevent tooth decay by removing residual food particles and bacteria from your mouth and teeth. It’s also filled with beneficial nutrients like fluoride, calcium, and phosphorous. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay. Sipping water helps prevent dry mouth by keeping you hydrated.

What About Water with Fluoride?

You get extra benefits when you drink water with fluoride. Drinking water with fluoride added is an easy way to help prevent cavities. Researchers have found that communities with fluoride added to their water experience fewer cavities than communities without it added to their drinking water.

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The Garden City Dental team wants for patients to be aware of the benefits water can provide. Although most of us understand that water is vital to our health and existence, few of us understand the many health benefits it provides including oral health of drinking plenty of water. If you have questions about water, oral health or other dental issues, please contact us. We want to answer your questions and help you maintain good oral health.

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