Tooth Bonding

The procedure of bonding is one of the most effective and affordable methods of tooth restoration available in dentistry today. It can significantly improve the appearance of teeth, enhance your smile and correct minor dental discrepancies. This technique is also often adapted when replacing existing amalgam (silver) fillings for cosmetic purposes.

The Procedure

The treatment of the compromised tooth begins with etching the tooth surface followed by application of an etching gel to prepare the tooth structure to receive the material. The bonding agent is applied and secured with a curing light. A resin material is then placed over the desired surface, sculpted with proper instrumentation and hardened in the same manner. Once the resin is set, the material is smoothed, adjusted and polished to achieve natural looking results.

What to Expect

Because of the porous nature of the composite, such restorations may need periodic replacement. The life expectancy of an average resin restoration is estimated at three to five years.

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