Teeth Whitening

Many patients present to our practice with stained or discolored teeth. Fortunately, the dental professionals at Garden City Dental Group are experts at helping people get the sparkling white smile they deserve. In addition to whitening treatments, we also provide recommendations for good hygiene and dietary modifications, which improve both the health and appearance of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options

We offer a number of options designed to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

“In-Office” Method

Patients who seek more immediate results choose our “in-office” method whereby treatment is delivered with a higher concentration of whitening agent to enhance your smile over a shorter period. The procedure involves creating a protective barrier for your soft tissue before applying the whitening agent. We use a light to activate the whitening solution. Treatment is delivered in a relaxing environment where you may listen to music during the whitening process.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the dramatic results you see after only a very short period.

“Take-Home” Method

For our patients who do not have time to come in for teeth whitening, we offer the convenience and benefit of our “take-home” method. We custom fabricate trays you can wear in the privacy of your own home. This method utilizes a lower concentration of whitening agent to get your teeth as white as possible over a one or two week period.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening strips, our take-home whitening kit include trays made from impressions we take of your teeth. Not only does this create a comfortable mouthpiece for you to wear in the privacy of your own home; it also allows the whitening solution to hold firmly against your teeth for the required time frame. After wearing the trays for about three to four hours each night, you should notice significant whitening after only a week or two.

Your Comfort is our Top Priority

Whether you choose “in-office” or “take-home” whitening, you may experience some level of sensitivity. To prevent unnecessary discomfort, we may couple fluoride treatment with your whitening procedure, or allow for more time between whitening sessions so that any sensitivity can subside before you undergo another whitening session.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Regardless of which method you choose, when you put your teeth whitening needs in our hands, you may be confident that soon the appearance of your teeth will improve.

Teeth whitening procedures are:

  • Designed for people of all ages
  • Customized to restore brightness to any smile
  • Capable of removing yellow, spotted or brown staining

Fast, Safe and Affordable

Whether your tooth discoloration is due to aging, staining or chemical damage, bleaching may be the right choice. We can whiten your top teeth, bottom teeth or both, depending upon your wants and needs.

Additional Options

Sometimes our patients request crowns or veneers to achieve their desired result, but that is only in case of extreme discoloration. The good news is that, in most cases, because of the affordable and convenient nature of teeth whitening, we recommend whitening first.

Achieve Your Best Smile Today

If you are struggling with discolored teeth, there is no need to hide your smile any longer. Simply call us to set up your personalized consultation.

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