• Teeth Grinding: Not just a bad habit, but a dental concern
    Perhaps you don't even know you grind your teeth. Maybe a spouse or loved one woke you up in the middle of the night and made you aware of what Read more
  • DIY Cures for Bad Breath
    Are you afraid to open your mouth because you have bad breath? You’re not alone bad breath or Halitosis happens to everyone, at one time or another. If you have Read more
  • Summer Sports and Mouthguards
    School’s out and you’ve emptied your gym locker until next fall. But while you’re stowing away the football gear, the basketball warm-ups, the field hockey sticks, and all the other Read more
  • Happy Fourth of July!
    Happy Independence Day from the doctor and team! The Fourth of July celebrations in America may have changed a lot over the years, but there is no doubt that we Read more
  • Take Your Pick!
    Before electric toothbrushes, before dental floss, before fluoride rinses, in fact, before recorded history, people who cared about their dental health had one primary tool—the toothpick. Ancient bronze toothpicks, bejeweled Read more
  • Dangers of Thumb Sucking
    It’s common for children to suck their thumb at a young age. the doctor and our team want you to understand the potential issues that can surface down the road Read more
  • Give Your Damaged Tooth a Second Chance
    Find out how this restoration can improve a damaged tooth. Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in the world. So common in fact that almost 100 percent Read more
  • How Invisalign Can Help Straighten Your Teeth
    Thinking about getting Invisalign here in Garden City, NY? When it comes to correcting a misaligned smile, people now have more options than ever thanks to the addition of “invisible” braces Read more
  • DIY Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Teeth Whitening
    How professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentists in Garden City, NY can give you a brilliant smile You’ve probably seen the do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits at the supermarket. You may Read more
  • Dental Implants: The Perfect Tooth Replacement
    A complete, healthy smile is something we all want, but damaged, decayed, or missing teeth can get in the way of your best smile. If you have teeth that have fallen Read more
  • Creating a Brand New Smile With Veneers
    Garden City Dental Group in Garden City, NY, offers porcelain veneers. A quick and custom oral restoration that can restore your smile and confidence in little time. More About Porcelain Veneers Veneers Read more
  • Eliminate Your Dental Stains
    Do you wish your teeth were whiter? Teeth whitening offered by the dentists at Garden City Dental Group in Garden City, NY, provides a simple, effective way to brighten your Read more
  • Dental Implants Preserve Your Smile
    Whether you want to discuss getting dental implants or you just need to schedule cleanings for the whole family, don’t hesitate to call our practice today at (516) 747-2400. Read more
  • Beat Bacteria By Brushing Your Tongue
    If you are serious about preserving your oral health, you are probably already brushing teeth twice daily and flossing at least once. But there is one more thing you need Read more
  • What to do About a Cracked Tooth
    A cracked tooth is a rather common occurrence, but many times they are not noticeable until you feel pain. It is important to get dental care if a tooth causes you Read more
  • FAQs about Veneers
    FAQs about Veneers Some patients have to wait years and go to many dental appointments to get the beautiful smile that they’ve always wanted. If waiting that long simply isn’t an Read more

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